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PTA Standing Rules have been updated!

The Texas PTA and our own Daffron Elementary PTA are always looking for ways to clarify and improve. As a result, the Standing Rules changes are linked below and will be voted to finalize at the April 11th General Meeting. Aside from formatting adjustments, below is a list of the items that were updated:



- Section III (Financial), G - changed "wish list" to "grant (formerly known as wish list)"
- Section V (Officer & Chair Duties), E - added Dads' Club and Field Day under 1st VP
- Section VIII (Subcommittee Chairs) - added Dads' Club Chair & Field Day Chair; fixed the alphabetization of subcommittees
- Section XI (Scholarships) - changed the specific dates to general time/designated time
You can review the document here or under Daffron PTA Governance on the Our PTA tab.

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