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Upcoming Events 


11/6 – STOP Food Drive

11/19 – Spirit Night @ Palio's (3-9 p.m.) 

11/20 – Deputy Store

11/23-27 – Student/Teacher Holiday


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September 2015 - Spanish



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Chad & Connie Prochaska

Jill Studley

Barbara Marks



Fran Carsner

Jessica Harper

Audrey Wagner




Malorie Clay Aldridge

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Liz Vargas



Kelly Anderson

Kathy Hathaway

Beth Parks



Whitney Dombroski

Ceci Haksar

Connie Prochaska



Jenny Fang

Jill Rashdi

Audrey Wagner 



Amy Gremillion

Saee Kulkarni

Amy Lu 



Weimin Mao

Brandi Pocsik

Kereny Villanueva



Julio Mota and Gabriela Beltran

Karen Mathias

Elissa Reed



Sarah Lueb

Jenny Sideris

Jill Studley



Chad Prochaska



Fran Carsner

 Jessica Harper




Welcome to Daffron Elementary PTA



Daffron Elementary's 5th Annual Jog-A-Thon

Thanks to the Daffron students, parents, teachers, and staff for making the Jog-A-Thon so successful! We truly appreciate everyone's support and donations! Funds from the Jog-A-Thon help fund activities like field trips, Dennis Lee, and High Flying Excitement.

  • Participation All student Homework Passes will go home today for students who participated in raising money for Daffron!
  • Class Participation Awards This is based on percentage of participants per class. These classes receive extra recess!
    • Fulmer 55%
    • Dombroski 35%
    • Hellmann 61%
    • Newman 37%
    • Diaz 44%
    • Burns 48%
  • Class Leader Board in Amount Raised - Teachers receive a free go home at 3 PM pass!
    • Team Chomistek met 100% of her class goal!
    • Team Langston
    • Team Burns
    • Team Fulmer
  • Top Grades in Amount Raised - These classes receive extra recess!
    • Grade 2
    • Grade 5
    • Grade 4
  • Top Individual Fundraisers (Superstar Status on Get Movin Crew website) These students receive 10 free tickets to the Spring Social.
    • Katie Jennings
    • Sebastian Gomez
    • Charlie Parrish
    • Landry Jobe
    • Madison Jobe
    • Gentry Grant
  • Top Jog-a-Thon Runners These students receive 10 free tickets to the Spring Social.
    • Kindergarten - Adrian Hernandez, Alex Aluga, Arshi Jokar, Benjamin Kratovac, Charlie Parrish, Braylon Williams, and Daniyall Khan with 8 laps
    • 1st Grade - Max Pocsik with 8 laps
    • 2nd Grade - Cole Dombroski with 9 laps
    • 3rd Grade - Jackson Kilmer with 9 laps
    • 4th Grade - Collin Flores with 12 laps and TOP laps for the school
    • 5th Grade - Adrian Carsner and Nigel Branscomb with 11 laps


Thanks for supporting your children and the Daffron Elementary PTA! If you have any questions, please send an email to jogathon@daffronpta.org


STOP Fall Food and Money Drive  

Thanks to everyone for all of their food and monetary donations!

  • The STOP students were able to present 1,000 food items to Minnie's Food Pantry on November 6. The STOP students also received a tour of Minnie's from Robert Jackson and Coach Meger. A special thanks to them for the tour. 
  • The STOP students collected $155 for The Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County.


Daffron PTA Grade Level Challenge 

Daffron PTA would like to challenge our students to see which grade can win with the highest % of PTA Members registered by Friday, November 20, 2015. Select Daffron PTA Grade Level Challenge above to see the flyer.

  • The grade with the highest percentage of PTA Members will win a HOMEWORK PASS for the entire grade!
  • The grade with the second highest percentage of PTA Members will win an EXTRA RECESS PASS for the entire grade!


Join Daffron PTA today!

  • Select the Join PTA button above.
  • Select the "click here to create an account" button.
  • Enter your information.
  • Select the "Verify My Email Address Button".
  • Log into your email account and open the Daffron PTA email. Then select the appropriate link.
  • Once you are logged back into the PTA website, complete the forms.


Winners will be announced on Monday, November 30, 2015. Thanks for supporting the Daffron PTA! Please email membership@daffronpta.org if you have any questions.


Daffron Jogging Club for 2nd-5th Grade  

Monday through Friday until December 11, 2015

7:10-7:30 AM

Preston Meadow Park Pavilion 

The Daffron 2nd through 5th Grade students are participating in four marathons this year. If you want to win marathon prizes, then here is a great way to get your marathon miles in with the Daffron coaches. This is a choice, and it is a great way to get in your miles.

  • If you drop off between 7:00-7:10, take your child to the gym. If you drop off after 7:10, you can drop off your child at the pavilion. Students will not be allowed to walk from the gym to the pavilion by themselves.
  • Students should check in with the coach and place their backpacks on the tables in the pavilion. At 7:30, the students will walk to the building with the coach.
  • If there is no coach or the weather is bad, there will be no running. Please go to the gym.   


Box Tops for Education - Earn Cash for Our School! 

Thanks for turning in your your Box Tops and Labels for Education! The class that gets the most points will win a popcorn party! The winning class will be announced soon. For more information or to submit Box Tops online, please go to www.boxtopsforeducation.info. Please contact Jill Rashidi at corppartners@daffronpta.org 


Reflections (Deadline is December 1, 2015 at 3:00 PM)  

Reflections is presented by the National PTA through the Texas PTA chapters. "Let Your Imagination Fly" is the theme for this year. Students may enter more than once in a single category or in multiple categories. An entry form must be provided with each submission. Select the logo above to access the submission forms and guidelines. Note, participants must have one family member that is an active Daffron PTA member to be eligible for the Reflections program. Turn all entries into your classroom teacher. Please contact Whitney Dombroski at reflections@daffronpta.org if you have any questions.


 Buy a Brick Fundraiser   

Thanks for supporting Daffron PTA through the Buy a Brick Fundraiser. Daffron will hold this fundraiser later in the school year. Please contact Michael Grant at president@daffronpta.org if you have any questions.


 Daffron Mentors - Making a Difference    

Calling all Mentors! If you are interested in mentoring students, WE NEED YOU! Parents, Grandparents, and community workers are all welcome! Mentors are asked to meet with their students two to four times a month either before school or at lunch. We will provide you with direction, ideas, and activities. Please consider investing your time and making a difference in our community and our school. You won't regret! Please select the graphic above to access a presentation honoring the 2014-2015 Daffron Mentors. 

For more information:

  1. Visit PISD website at http://pisd.edu/about.us/partners.volunteers/mentor.program.shtml
  2. Complete the PISD Volunteer Application
  3. Contact Joanne Curley at 469.752.0917 or joanne.curley@pisd.edu

We look forward to having you as part of our team!


     Daffron 2015-2016 Executive Board

The executive board is listed below. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Grant at president@daffronpta.org.

  • President: Michael Grant
  • 1st Vice President - Programs: Shari Hopkins
  • 2nd Vice President - Membership: Cecilia Haksar
  • 3rd Vice President - Ways and Means: Eugenia Sideris
  • 4th Vice President - Communications: Lavina Kayyal
  • Secretary: Saee Kulkarni
  • Treasurer: Carol Jennings 


Registration Forms   

You can still register on the Daffron PTA website. Select the Join PTA graphic below. You can also complete your PISD Volunteer Application and sign up for eNews by selecting the respective graphic below.  


  • Join the Daffron PTA and pay for your membership
  • Order yearbook
  • Make a donation to the Daffron PTA
  • Complete your mandatory student directory release forms
  • Sign up to volunteer (We need everyone's help!)
  • Note you can pay for your online purchases using PayPal (You do not need to create a PayPal account. Any questions regarding PayPal should be directed to PayPal, as we can NOT access your personal information.)


  • Complete your volunteer application
  • This needs to be completed every school year 


  • Register for Daffron eNews
  • Receive email updates throughout the school year 

If you have any questions, please send an email to questions@daffronpta.org 


Daffron's New School


Between Spring 2013 and August 2014, Daffron went through extensive remodeling that increased the school size by over 10,000 square feet.  Enjoy your new school!  



If you have any questions, please send an email to questions@daffronpta.org