Daffron PTA Bylaws and Standing Rules       


August 2016 Update

Effective August 1, 2016, the Texas PTA Board of Directors amended the Local Bylaws Template as follows:


Standards of Continuing Affiliation

990 Confirmation: Requirement number 4 now reads: 4. Annually file 990 tax return with the IRS and notify Texas PTA of filling, within 60 days of fiscal year end.

Retention Plan: A Retention Plan was added to support PTAs and achieve “Good Standing” with Texas PTA.


Executive Board Duties (Article X, section 6.H): duty added: H. comply with the legal filing requirements of state and federal government agencies.”

President Elect (Articles VII, VIII, X, XII): PTAs may choose to add President Elect as an (elected) Officer position. Note: This option restricts the term limit to one year for both President and President Elect and adds the President Elect as an ex-officio member to every committee. In order to elect a President Elect for the 2017-18 term, PTAs must adopt the required Bylaws amendment prior to Spring 2017 elections. President Elect is not available for the 2016-17 term.


2014 Update

Texas PTA has updated their bylaws template. All amendments took effect February 9, 2014. The list below provides an overview of the amendments made to the Texas templates. 

  • The PTA and PTSA bylaws templates were merged into one document.

  • The Policy on Local PTA Bylaws is incorporated into the bylaws and; therefore, the policy is no longer necessary.

  • A section was added referencing Standards of Continuing Affiliation for good standing.

  • Language was clarified within the bylaws about withdrawal of charter due to harm to brand or name, with notice.

  • The membership year was changed to August 1–July 31 to align with the membership reporting year and the school year. Members joining between March 16 and July 31 are members for the remainder of the current membership year and the following membership year. 

  • Historian position is no longer included in the template. PTAs wishing to have a historian may add this position as part of the Executive Board.

  • Due to district policies prohibiting employees from serving in certain PTA officer positions, language was added (unless prohibited by employer) to the president regarding the duty to sign on bank accounts and tax documents and the ability to sign on bank accounts was added to the treasurer’s duties.

  • A duty to serve as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee was added to the Treasurer’s responsibilities.

  • Language for removal of an Executive Board member was changed.



Daffron PTA is required to update our bylaws and standing rules every five years. Any changes must be voted on by the general membership. Please select the links below to view the 2014 summary of proposed changes, the Daffron PTA Bylaws revised in 2016 (to be voted on at the May general PTA meeting), or the Daffron PTA Standing Rules revised in 2016. 


Summary of the Proposed Changes (2014)

Daffron PTA Bylaws (updated 2016)

Daffron PTA Standing Rules

Proposed Revisions to Daffron PTA Standing Rules – September 2016


If you have any questions, please email info@daffronpta.org.

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