Staff Favorites


We hope these lists will come in handy when showing your gratitude during the holiday season, birthdays, Teacher Appreciation Week, and the end of the school year...or even just because! 


Click on the staff member's name to see his or her favorite things list. More will be added as responses come in.



Stefanie Ramos - Principal (birthday: 12/11)
M'Cheyl Herrera - Asst. Principal (birthday: 7/11)

Julie Steele - Counselor (birthday: 10/4)

Priscelene Albero - Shared Counselor (9/16)

Tia Lynch-Green – Secretary (birthday: 8/3)

Mary Smith – Office Manager (birthday: 2/20)

Denise Williams - Parent Liaison (7/14)

Elizabeth Bond - Nurse (birthday: 8/9)

Third Grade

Katie Jones-Powell (birthday: 2/18) 

Elisabeth Hassenboehler (birthday: 2/14)

Hilda Medrano (birthday: 1/14)
Monica Smith (birthday: 5/9)

Terri Stout (birthday: 5/2)

Raquel Sandoval (birthday: 1/26)



Tracy Blanks (birthday: 5/11)

Lauren Fulmer (birthday: 6/16) 

Angela Newman (birthday: 5/29)

Jaime Mar (birthday: 10/4)

Ariana Villalobos (birthday: 1/27)

Fourth Grade

Teri Easterling (birthday: 9/7)

Juana Hagen (birthday: 8/19)

Michele Jobe (birthday: 12/20)

Maribel Quiroz (birthday: 5/23)

Dubie Sanchez (birthday: 8/4)

Kristen Robel (birthday:3/27)

Kelley Royal (birthday: 4/28)



First Grade

Barbara Langston (birthday: 7/11)

Corina Burton (birthday: 3/9)

Maria Davis (birthday: 4/13)

Jessica Lerner (birthday: 5/8)

Xy Ortiz (birthday: 8/23)

Fifth Grade

Beth Brown (birthday: 11/20)

Veronica Figueroa (birthday: 9/16)

Quan Tousant (birthday: 9/8)

Angela White (birthday: 6/13)

Kimberly Holden (birthday: 12/16)


Second Grade

Linda DeSousa (birthday: 11/23)

Tamra Rogers (birthday: 7/28)

Ignacio Romero (birthday: 2/23)

Cindy Villanueva (birthday: 3/19)

Cynthia Burns (birthday: 8/6)




Virginia Asiatico – Music (birthday: 9/10)

Sandra Muzquiz - Music (birthday: 3/8)

Karen Horton – Art (birthday: 2/27)

Tabitha Bolstad - Art (birthday: 5/19)

Cole Meger – P.E. (birthday: 2/1)

Traci Schell – P.E. (birthday: 2/17)

Jasmine Guerra - PE para (birthday: 7/7)


Special Education

Jana Veit (birthday: 5/29)

Deana Chandler (birthday: 9/8)

Amy Moore (birthday:4/23)

Michelle Brookshire (birthday: 12/27)

Aaron Cota (birthday: 4/4)

Amy Gonzales (birthday: 1/11)

Adriana Hernandez (birthday: 3/5)

Dena Hunter - SLP (birthday: 12/3)

Michelle Salzman (birthday: 11/8)

Zia Sil (birthday: 1/9)

Kristi DesPlas (birthday: 6/2)

Academic Support

Rachel Webster – PACE (birthday: 2/18)

Cathy Chomistek - Literacy (birthday: 6/30)

Ana Campos - Bil. Asst. (birthday: 6/10)

Joanne Curley – Title I (birthday: 8/4)

Monica Diaz - ESL (birthday: 10/3)

Paula Diaz – Bil. Math / Bil TL (birthday: 9/2)

Marisol Ellet - Bil. Literacy (birthday: 3/20)

Barbara Gomon – Librarian (birthday: 9/4)

Karen Gournay – Dyslexia (birthday: 3/2)

Chen-Chen Lee - CTA (birthday: 4/21)

Hilda Rodriguez - Bil. Asst. (birthday: 4/13)

Wayra Rodriguez - Literacy (birthday: 6/30)

Alejandra Vilona - Tittle I / ESL (birthday: 2/11)



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